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Haas: Not being a 'pushover' annoys Formula 1 rivals

Sunday, 13. 01. 2019 - 19:31, Public relations   

Haas: Not being a 'pushover' annoys Formula 1 rivals

Gunther Steiner believes the Haas Formula 1 team is still earning the respect of its rivals and has ruffled feathers because it refuses to be a "pushover".

Haas joined the F1 grid in 2016 and, after scoring points on its debut, finished eighth in the constructors' championship in its first two seasons.

It rose to fifth last year, when its improved form and ongoing technical alliance with Ferrari prompted criticism from rivals and Haas also found itself locking horns legally with Renault and Force India.

Asked by Autosport if Haas was still building how assertive it is with other teams, team principal Steiner said: "I think so because when you come into the sport you cannot just demand the respect.


"You have to earn your respect.

"We're putting a good show on and always do what we say we're going to do.

"We're competitive out on track and behaving well for the sport and a good addition to the sport.

"[So] you are recognised more. But there is still a long way to go, because always the guy that wins can have the biggest voice and we have got a long way to go to get there."

Haas ended 2018 in acrimonious fashion after it lost an appeal against Romain Grosjean's disqualification from the Italian Grand Prix and then protested the eligibility of Racing Point Force India ahead of the season finale.

Steiner told Autosport that "I don't care about" annoying other teams, adding: "It's part of what you're doing.

"If you have to make a cake, you need to break eggs.

"You can't do it without it. [But] I don't do intentionally. I don't get up in the morning [to do that] but you have to.

"It's part of getting better. It's just like getting the respect, not be a pushover and do what you need to do.

"It's part of the learning as well. You have done all the steps, you've got the experience, then the second time you will be better.

"You have to start somewhere. And whoever is around, you start with them!"


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