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Glory day at Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2012

Sunday, 02. 12. 2012 - 09:34, Daniel Mandzi   

Glory day at Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2012

The Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2012 ended today. Ended with glory for the winners and disappointment for some others that couldn't reach victory... But this last "glory day" had a particular gift, from the Portuguese nation: The sun shone brightly helping drivers, organizers and public to fall in love with karting and hoping that the event continues for many years. Congratulations to all drivers and glory for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals Champions!


JUNIOR - After today morning pre-final and after the drivers presentation, arrived the time to find the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals Champions. In the Junior MAX category, the final victory was taken by Harry Webb, who started... 22th. The winner did a fantastic race, and after getting the lead, he went away from all the others, leaving the fights in his back, between Janneau Esmeijer, James Golding and Ross Gunn. "It was a really difficult week. During the first qualification I went off and after that I've made a mistake, so I started in the middle of the grid. I believed that I could win or fight for a podium position, and since the first lap I started to overtake all the others. At the end I had only to be very fast to catch the three first on the top and after getting the lead I've kept the rhythm and run to win with some advantage." Explained the first champion of the day. A final word about the Portuguese star Bruno Borlido who had a problem in pre-final and started form the last position, but arrived 12th, after a great race.

SENIOR - Pierce Lehane had a complete domination in the practice sessions, but in prefinal he was surprised by the performance of Ukyo Sasahara and Charlie Eastwood. The final heat was really exciting, with seven drivers running close together, rejoined at the end by several more. Charlie Eastwood won, after having survived a little fight with Edward Brand and Oliver Hodgson. After his first title in RMCGF, the Irish driver was really happy, and said: "It was a hard race. The wind pushed the ones behind me and it helped them to run faster, so we had to overtake and re-overtake, several times. I needed to keep in the first position, and stayed fast in the end, trying a little advantage to achieve victory, after they had a little incident between them. DD2 MASTERS - The MAX DD2 Masters Final has taken "our breath away" during several laps. Four drivers - Cristiano Morgado, David Griffiths, Scott Campbell and Gonçalo Gaivão - stayed caught together until the last laps, when the South-African got a little advantage that allowed him to win for the 3rd time the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals...


"It was a very difficult race... They pushed me very hard during all the laps andm anyone could win. At the end, I've got a little advantage and for the third time I won. I am very happy and I wish to thank my team and my father who several times pushed me to practice even if I didn't desire it." Said Morgado. Scott Campbell finished in front of Griffiths, and the Portuguese driver finished fourth.

DD2 - All of us waited anxiously for the MAX DD2 final race, and after Cristiano Morgado got his third win in the RMCGF, it was now Ben Cooper who achieved the same glory. But the Canadian driver had to fight harder for this win, and if Xen de Ruwe had not abandoned the race, even he thinks that he couldn't win. "Today I had not the rhythm to win. His (Xen) abandon make the things easier and I was almost lost in the middle of the race, when I fall fourth. I risked than to overtake, and I've pulled 2nd and after getting the lead, they have made some mistakes in my back, so I won. I am very happy, but I have to admit that this was my most difficult win!" said Cooper. After the Canadian driver Konstantins Calko and Kyle Ensbey, closed the podium places.

United Kingdom won the Nations Cup, followed by Canada and Australia. Portugal got
fourth place between 53 countries...


MICRO MAX - The younger drivers were the first ones to fight for a final podium, in a Spanish / Portuguese challenge. Oscar Palomo was the fastest in practice sessions, but in the first lap, both Ayrton Simmons and Adrian Herrando went away fighting 14 laps, but only in the last one, Herrando took the lead to win. Juan Carlos Resale closed the podium and the best between the Portuguese drivers was Santinho Mendes (4th).

Unfortunately tomorrow there will be no more action in the RMCGF. For those who are leaving Portugal we can sign that Sunday will be a beautiful day. Thanks for being with us. It was a privilege for the Press Team, working with you all.

For further information, such as, Daily Event Reports, Results... please go to or contact the Press Office. For photos (different resolutions offered) please use following link:
To follow the event on TV broadcast (after the 28th November):
Be prepared for 2013 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.

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