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Ceccon: “My mum aged 10 years watching me fighting at 200kph in WTCR”

Friday, 17. 05. 2019 - 18:31, Public relations   

Ceccon: “My mum aged 10 years watching me fighting at 200kph in WTCR”

Italian Kevin Ceccon said his mother “lost 10 years of life” watching him fighting for a podium brace at WTCR Race of Slovakia yesterday.

With Italy celebrating Mother’s Day on 12 May, Mrs Ceccon travelled to the Slovakia Ring to watch her son embroiled in podium battles in Races 2 and 3. Her son explained what she’d witnessed and how she reacted afterwards.


“Norbi [Michelisz] was on the inside with two wheels on the grass, I was on the outside with two wheels on the marbles, at 200kph. As Norbi said, we just give each other the room we need – and no more! And in the same corner at the start I had a touch with Guerrieri at 200kph, and it’s what people at home and in the grandstand like, and so I am really happy.

“I dedicated to her [the first] podium and the second one to Michaela Cerruti, the operational manager at my team, who is a new mum. But I think my mum today lost 10 years of life because she is not used to that, and she’s a normal person leading a normal life, and she has a son like me so it’s a disaster for her… She cried, so I don’t know whether she was happy or not!”


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